Organisational Development

Organisational development enables an organisation to be prepared for the future by taking steps to create an environment that allows employees to understand, embody and deliver the organisation’s objectives. OD incorporates both “hard” issues – strategy, policies, structures and systems – and “soft” issues those that develop appropriate skills, behaviours, attitudes, culture and a style of leadership that will enable organisations to deliver maximum performance. To ensure harmony between organisational goals and needs, it is imperative that both these issues are identified, understood and addressed.
We offer a range of services to support Organisational Development including:


Talent Management

Personality Profile

Coaching & Mentoring

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The 121 HR Business Partnership is at the heart of the relationship with our clients.

The partnership brings the benefits of cost-effective HR support and professional advice without the worry of escalating legal fees when issues arise.


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121 HR Business Manager is a professional HR service provided to businesses on an outsourced basis. Each business has different needs, therefore we tailor our service and approach to fit perfectly with your organisation.


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121 HR Solutions provide a comprehensive range of HR services that can be accessed through the Business Manager package, or more commonly on a short-term project basis. This is useful to organisations that do not employ full-time HR staff and lack the knowledge and skills required.

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